A message from the universe – You want me to do WHAT…

As I walk along the street I often get complete strangers come up to me. I used to think I had “soft touch” written on my forehead. I remember one occasion where I was standing waiting for a bus along with 10 other people. A young man asked me for money. He said he was hungry so I gave him some money and he walked off. I didn’t expect to see him again. In fact I thought he was probably some place buying alcohol with it. I was wrong. He returned 20 minutes later with fried chicken and fries. He offered me some of his fries and I politely declined. He told me he hadn’t eaten since yesterday and he thanked me again for the food. I was curious. Out of everyone standing here why me? At nearly six feet tall and with a head full of dreadlocks I was sure I scared the life out of people. To him I looked like I might be a social worker. That was why he felt he could ask. I had been told that before. That I looked like a social worker, a teacher, a nurse. I have no idea what they “look like” but it seemed as if people connected me to those roles just by looking at me.

When I walk through a store I get asked by old ladies to take down food off shelves that is out of their reach when I am out at the store. I get stopped by Mormons, Jehovah’s, 7-day and all manner of religious bodies to talk about life. When I visited Morocco I was walking down the street with a group of people and someone came up to us begging for money. They made straight for me.

I guess you get the picture. I am a magnet for people and I have never really worked out why.

So when this older lady with white hair approached me on the street I thought nothing of it. She handed me a card. I looked down at it. It was a card for a tarot reading with a phone number on it. One of those expensive ones that you pay for minute by minute. I smiled, dropped it into my bag and decided I needed to keep walking. This older lady put her hand on my arm. “Are you familiar with selfless service?” she asked me. I said I am. I knew it was service that you undertook for free. “Well your book is part of your selfless service” she continued “It is your message to the world and it is a message we need right now. How many can you fit in your bag? Whenever you are out you need to have copies of it in your bag that you give away.”

I stopped and looked at her. How could she possibly know that I had finished my book or that I was even writing one?

“If I give it away how do I earn a living?” As soon as I said the words I knew they were the wrong ones. Les Brown always says that the “how” is none of my business. I knew if I truly believe in the all providing love of the Universe then I was going to have to take some risks and go out there on a selfless service quest. Still. Maybe it was just a coincidence she knew that about me. Even though I do believe in the tarot and mediums I still questioned how this woman could know.

“Don’t be sad about the fact that there is not a man in your life” she continued as if she could read my thoughts “the universe wants you to look after yourself first and then he will appear.”

Okay. Now I was a little freaked out. I mean I wasn’t “sad” but I did wonder about my long gap between relationships. Five years without one had been the longest I have ever gone without male company. The scary thing is I don’t actually miss having a man in my life. I think that scared me more than it made me sad.

My thoughts were interrupted for a third and final time.

“You need stability in your life right now. You need to work towards making your life stable by getting a job. It is your role in life to serve people so find a job that you can do to bring finances into your family.” she said

“I have been thinking about updating my teaching skills. I want to teach English as a foreign language” I told her

“Go get yourself a teaching job” she said “now is the right time for you and it will open up so many other avenues. It will actually bring more into your life than you could ever imagine”

The woman smiled at me. Looked down and continued walking.

I searched my bag for her card and wondered if I even needed to call. I had been lost and confused for months. The book was finished but I didn’t seem to have the energy to put it out there. Now. In 20 minutes. This woman had sorted out my whole life for me. It was a very clear message from the universe and it was time to lead myself in that direction. I didn’t doubt her words for one minute. Suddenly everything seemed clear but is selfless service something I could really do?

This happened today – Tuesday April 30th 2013 at around 10am this morning.



8 thoughts on “A message from the universe – You want me to do WHAT…

  1. You are a rare entity- a genuinely real and good person. Maybe you thought deep down that maybe this person REALLY needs to eat. Feel Good- you did a “Mitzvah”- a good thing.

    LOVED this post!

  2. I believe you have always been selfless in what you do. I am sure another way will be found to bring in the income you need. Good luck with making this happen.

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