Writing is the …

Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money.
Jules Renard

That made me laugh out loud.

So very true.

I know when I say that I am a writer to someone I have just met I have had a number of strange and funny responses including; “you don’t have a job that makes money?” or “how do you manage to cope?” – words to that effect anyway that hints at the assumption that I must be broke. Not an entirely untrue assumption but I am terribly happy 🙂

I do believe my art will pay
I sit and wait and hope for the day
There is no other role for me
Except to write words uncontrollably
and if by chance I am given a break
my words a publisher chooses to take
They put them into a poetry book
up for sale, download to your nook
I will scream and shout, go really potty
even if I manage to only sell one copy.


10 thoughts on “Writing is the …

  1. I like your way of looking at writing. I write for….me- IF other people like it- GREAT! ALWAYS write from the heart!

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