Gravatar – A writers calling card

Are you making the most of Gravatar? As this is a new blog and I am a new writer I am having fun reading the blogs of other bloggers, especially writers (and food bloggers). It has been a great way to connect and find an online community of writers on WordPress. One of the great ways to link me to other writers is through their image. When you ‘Like’ a blog post and that little image appears its a calling card. I thought when I clicked an image it would take me to the persons blog but it doesn’t. It takes me to their Gravatar profile. Here’s mine

I tend to just intuitively click on photos and I have managed to read some great poetry doing that. A Gravatar profile is a great way of helping people find your WordPress blog and anything else you want them to know about.

You are allowed to add links (I added my blog and twitter account), verify your page using your social media accounts, add additional images and contact details like email address/phone number. You can even write a bio about yourself.

It is such a shame that after clicking on an image to visit a blogger there is nothing available except their photo. It means they miss out on having another reader visit their blog. If you don’t have links on your Gravatar profile to your blog how many readers/subscribers/followers/buyers have you missed out on??? Maybe I’m the only crazy one who thinks that way?????


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