End of the world confessions

There is a term trending on Twitter #EndOfTheWorldConfessions

Some of them are actually quite funny…

“In elementary school this girl said “girls don’t poop” so I went home & cried because I thought I was a boy.”

“I’m an actor he’s an actor we’re all actors and you’re on MTV’s disaster planet.”

“Sometimes I fill a tub up with syrup and lay in it then come up like I’m in the matrix”

My absolute favorite is…

“Your whole life was just a dream, and when the world ends, its really just you waking up.”

I have scheduled a blog post for tomorrow anyway. Being an optimist I am pretty sure the calendar may have ended but the world will be around for some time yet… unless we continue to piss off Mother Nature by not looking after her.

Do you have anything you would like to confess? I’m listening…


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