Trust in yourself and miracles happen

Have you heard of six word stories? The best one ever written was by Ernest Hemingway that went ‘baby shoes. for sale. never worn’ and it conjures up all kinds of thoughts about why they were never worn, whether they baby outgrew them before wearing them. Maybe the baby never got to wear them. Its a short story that is complete in itself but leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

I decided to write a few six word positive affirmations. Six words that remind you of something positive or uplift you.

Trust in yourself and miracles happen

That is a positive and inspiring reminder to always trust in yourself because amazing things happen when you do.

I have written another 100 to add to that one. There are 101 positive inspiring six word affirmations <== click the link to download

6 word stories 101positively-inspiring-six-word-stories

I have created a few other images that say

Love your work and success follows

Listen to the wisdom within yourself

Stop wasting time, life is waiting

Eternal joy comes from knowing yourself

You can see and download the images here

Free free to share and tell others :>


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