my chocolate cupcake

So soft and fluffy on the inside you smell so good

My lips enjoy licking your sweet chocolate icing

Hard frosting reminds me of your strength

It melts as the heat of my tongue caresses it

My body yearns for chocolate cupcakes

I know I can’t wait. I want to eat you now

Between my fingers so firm, so brown

My tongue reaches out again and licks

My teeth sinking in I bite

I feel you mould to my mouth as it moves

You taste so good

Your crumbs fall on my lips

I catch them as they fall

None of your chocolate loveliness is wasted

No one will eat you quite like I do

I leave the best bit until last

Firmer now my fingers press down

Only the thick, brown, sweet taste of chocolate remains

As the last of you enters my mouth I close my lips as you melt in my mouth

You are gone for now but not forgotten

Your chocolate loveliness to be enjoyed once more



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